Anna Werner: CEO of Svensk Solenergi

Svensk Solenergi is an industry association that, with approximately 260 professional members, represents the Swedish solar energy industry as well as several other players operating in the solar energy area.

Björn Berg: CEO of Ngenic

Ngenic is a driving force in the digitalisation of the energy sector, in terms of services to get production distribution and consumption of energy to work together to handle the transition to a renewable energy system. Above all, we work to make buildings flexible at the same time as we optimize energy. We call it Energy System Efficiency as a Service.

Lena af Geijerstam Unger: CEO of HEMAB

Lena has been CEO of HEMAB since 2017. Prior to that, she worked in senior positions in the forest industry and government. Educated civil engineer from Luleå once upon a time, who is driven by improving and building sustainable solutions for society and business. HEMAB is a wholly owned municipal company operating within Härnösand. We are responsible for the utilities water, sewage, cogeneration, electricity networks (country and city), recycling, broadband, produce biogas and have a biogas filling station, wind power, electricity charging and also electricity sales. We have expectations of contributing with innovative societal benefits, secure deliveries at a low cost and with high sustainability – ecologically, socially and economically. There are about 140 people working in the business and we have a turnover of about SEK 350 million

Lars Hedström: vice president and founder, Solkompaniet

Lars Hedström has worked with solar cells since the turn of the century and is one of Sweden’s most experienced solar cell contractors. He is one of the founders of Solkompaniet, the company that has been the market leader in solar for companies since 2010. Now the company has over a hundred employees and Lars today focuses on making solar really big!

Albin Hasselström: marketing manager at Kraftpojkarna

Albin has been marketing manager at Kraftpojkarna since 2017 with experience of renewable energy, electricity networks and power systems from previous roles within ABB. Educated as a civil engineer at Chalmers. Driven by change, renewal, innovation and technology. Kraftpojkarna is Sweden’s leading distributor in solar energy, charging infrastructure and energy storage and part of OK-Q8 AB. Through a focus on innovation and partnerships, we deliver products and complete systems to hundreds of retailers in the Nordic region. Kraftpojkarna also provides a comprehensive range of services such as digital tools, design, training, financing solutions, installation and technical support. We package and deliver the energy innovations of the future.


Midsummer manufactures and sells stylish, flexible and almost invisible solar panels in its factory in Järfälla. The company also manufactures and sells manufacturing equipment for the flexible and durable CIGS solar cells. The company has been around since 2004 and also conducts extensive research and product development – always with stylish design and sustainability in focus.

Joel Mars Bodell: Power2U

Power2U offers digital energy services, which help property owners become an important part of the new sustainable energy system. With a higher proportion of variable electricity production in the form of wind and solar power, the challenges for the power system increase. But we do not see it as a challenge, we see it as a sustainable change with increased focus on making it sustainable, digital and user-friendly.

There are few who know more about the energy system of the future than our Joel Mars Bodell who has been with Power2U since the start. Feel free to listen to hear him talk about the opportunities we face and why user-friendliness must be in focus.