Program, Swedish Solar Expo 2020

Future reconnaissance in the solar industry

Renewable energy is a prerequisite for being able to meet the challenges facing the world today. Although the solar industry has grown incredibly strongly over the past 10 years, we have major challenges ahead of us. Join us on a journey where we look both forwards and backwards in time. Now there is a decade left until 2030 when the climate goals will be reached. What does the industry look like if we look 10 years ahead and what did it look like 10 years ago? Will we be able to meet the Swedish sustainability goals? What is needed for us to reach all the way forward? Who should really solve the future challenges for the industry? Lars Hedström, Solkompaniet, will lead an exciting conversation together with, among others, Anna Werner, Swedish Solar Energy. We will also hear about the company Midsummer’s factory in Järfälla and about the production of solar panels at home. Will the solar panels of the future be locally produced?

Energy communities – a must for a sustainable future?

How far away is a society with Citizens’ Energy Communities? How to best build and share energy production and storage locally? What obstacles stand in the way, and what benefits does such a system provide? Come and listen to a presentation and panel discussion. Joachim Lindborg, SUST and Fredrik Björklund, STUNS will, together with a number of guests, offer presentations, as well as discussions with the digital audience about a future way of sharing energy.

Guests include Lena af Geijerstam Unger, Härnösands Energi

What does flexibility mean in our future energy system?

We need to phase out all fossil fuels and bring in more renewable, weather-dependent production and therefore also more flexible consumption to bring the energy system together in the future. This provides opportunities for the end consumer to drive the energy transition while creating new business and revenue. In order to succeed in the transition to a sustainable energy system, flexibility must be built in, both in technical products and in attitudes and behavior. What does the journey towards flexibility look like? What solutions already exist today, and which ones will we need to create? Who should be responsible for the flexibility, is it companies, those in power or individuals? Speakers include Björn Berg, Ngenic, Mats Karlström, FerroAmp, Albin Hasselström, Kraftpojkarna. Also participating are representatives of power2U and Nuuka solutions. More speakers will be released in due course.

Program in Hall C, Swedish Solar Expo 2020

Room C – the stage is yours!

Just like last year, we give exhibitors the opportunity to book a session to present their product, service or idea; we welcome you to create the meeting place together with us. The sessions are 20 minutes long with a break of 10 minutes between each session. If time slots are available, you can book more than one session. The price per session is SEK 2,000 (excl. VAT). We market your event on our website.

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