Hall C – the stage is yours!

Just like last year, we give exhibitors the opportunity to book a session to present their product, service or idea; we welcome you to create the meeting place together with us. The sessions are 20 minutes long with a break of 10 minutes between each session.



09.00-09.20 Björn Karlsson, Högskolan i Gävle
SUBJECT: The University of Gävle is running a project to strengthen the buyer of solar cells, which includes the following sub-projects:

* Develop methodology for warranty testing and for measuring nominal power on installed systems.
* Development of a freely accessible, user-friendly standard program for simulation of energy exchange with locked climate files, which covers the whole of Sweden.
* Development of methods to estimate the impact of shading on the replacement and design of photovoltaic systems with minimal impact of shadow effects.

The lecture presents measurements of the nominal power of a 65 kWp system that was installed in 2008. The measurements show that the power has decreased by less than 5 percent over 12 years.

09.30-09.50 Axel Alm, Solkompaniet och Samar Nath, IBC SOLAR
Quality is the industry’s biggest risk in the long run!
What is quality and what aspects are important for the solar industry? Axel Alm, CEO of Solkompaniet, takes his starting point in the work that is currently underway within Swedish Solar Energy. Samar Nath, sales manager at the subsidiary IBC SOLAR focuses on the importance of ISO certification and guarantees as security for you as a customer.

10.00-10.20 Karin Ekh and Axel Alm, Solkompaniet
SUBJECT: The Nordic region’s largest sunroof.
This autumn, the plant in Borås will be built on five megawatts. What is most important when designing a large roof facility? How do you as a customer choose between standard and quality products? And how does it affect the work environment? Hear Karin Ekh, responsible project manager at Solkompaniet tell. Axel Alm, CEO of Solkompaniet, also tells what the new 500 kilowatt limit will mean for the expansion of solar on large roofs in Sweden.

10.30-10.50 Albin Hasselström, Kraftpojkarna
SUBJECT: Our new offer to you as a reseller

The world today is facing an energy revolution driven by the goal of a renewable society. The rapid development of renewable energy, electric cars and batteries forms the basis of this energy transition, where Kraftpojkarna is a leader in providing the Nordic region with hardware, knowledge, services and new innovation in solar energy, charging infrastructure and energy storage. Our new offer to the market gives you all the prerequisites for success, regardless of what need you have.


11.00-11.20 Albin Hasselström, Kraftpojkarna
SUBJECT: Empower – Digital platform uniquely built for your business

We have developed a powerful and unique business system for you as a reseller – Empower. A completely digital business journey in renewable energy. Speed, efficiency and a high degree of digitalisation are keys to your success in the market. The time from lead to projected facility and sent out quote needs to be short as customers expect faster and faster response. At the same time, your internal processes need to be tuned to save time and maintain efficiency. Our digital platform Empower enables you to go from lead to completed project in one and the same tool, without moving a single data.

11.30-11.50 Jonas Frank: Esdec
SUBJECT: Esdec is a world-leading manufacturer of solar energy installation systems. Driven by enabling the conversion to sustainable solar energy for future generations, we offer our customers the most innovative and comprehensive products and services. Since 2004, we have supplied installation systems for all types of roofs, both commercial and residential, to installers, wholesalers and EPC. In addition to this, we also offer technical support from our project department and our support. Our experts are dedicated to helping our customers switch to sustainable solar energy and we are active in more than 20 countries. In October, Esdec will present the new standard for commercial solar energy projects: A new installation system for the fastest and most reliable installation of your solar energy project on roofs.

12.00-12.20 Mattias Hansson, GruppSol AB
– What is SMART SOLAR ROOF and how is it different from competing solar cell roofs?
– How is the investment calculation of SMART SOLAR ROOF compared to a roof replacement + installation of surface-mounted solar cells
– Case STUDY villa in Steninge
– Case STUDY
housing cooperative
in Halmstad which replaced 3 roofs
SMART SOLAR ROOF is developed by GruppSol AB and this year won the RED HERRING EUROPE TOP 100 award. This list includes the most innovative technology companies in Europe. More info about SMART SOLAR ROOF

12.30-12.50 Samar Nath, IBC SOLAR
Energy companies and installers in collaboration for the optimal solar offer.
In a maturing local market, the need for security increases to satisfy customer needs. What do you as an energy company need to think about to strengthen your offer and penetrate a market that is under strong price pressure? Samar Nath, sales manager at the solar wholesaler IBC SOLAR and former head of Renewable electricity production at Umeå Energi, shares his trend research.


13.00-13.20 Lars Hedström and Cecilia Edling, Solkompaniet
SUBJECT: Large solar parks – now it’s happening in Sweden!
Lars Hedström, one of the founders of Solkompaniet, already in 2009 built one of Sweden’s first ground facilities. It was 50 kilowatts and now it’s time for 50,000 kilowatts! Hear about the development, where in Sweden it will be built and what type of land it is about. Cecilia Edling, business developer, also explains why Sweden has such good conditions for large solar parks, even though we do not have the same solar radiation as Spain.

13.30-13.50 Bengt Stridh, Mälardalens högskola.
ÄMNE: Investeringskalkyl för solceller.

Uppdatering av Excelfilen som togs fram i projektet “Investeringskalkyl för solceller” 2016.

14.00-14.20 RISE, Research Institute of Sweden
SUBJECT: Solar cell system reliability – “How does snow affect our solar cells?” and “Compare with your neighbors to evaluate your photovoltaic system” Anne Andersson and Bengt Stridh, Dan-Eric Archer and Johan Paradis

14.30-14.50 Daniel Magnergård, GruppSol AB
In this presentation, we go through why you should choose a battery storage for your photovoltaic system.
– general about battery storage
– different battery chemistry
– customer benefit with battery storage
– what does the investment calculation look like for a battery store?

15.00-15.20 Simon Andrén, Van der Valk Solar Systems
SUBJECT: Van der Valk Solar Systems has been one of the fastest growing companies in the solar energy industry since 2009 and focuses entirely on the development and production of assembly systems for solar panels on sloping roofs, flat roofs and open fields. Van der Valk Solar Systems has offices and warehouses in the United Kingdom, offices in Spain and Sweden and operates in 13 countries. Our assembly systems are developed and manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands and are characterized by their versatility, very fast assembly and high quality. They are designed in accordance with the latest Eurocodes and thus meet the requirements that banks and insurance companies place on solar panel systems.

15.30-15.50 IEA PVPS Task 15 – Building-integrated solar
SUBJECT: Building Integrated Solar (IEA PVPS Task 15) – ‘What environmental benefit do building integrated solar cells provide?’ ‘What can we learn from existing facilities?’ and ‘How can you contribute to more and better building-integrated solar cells?’ with the “BIPV national team”: Peter Kovács, Rickard Nygren, Bengt Stridh, Anna Svensson och Michiel van Noord.

16.00-16.20 IEA PVPS Task 15 – Building-integrated solar
SUBJECT: Building Integrated Solar (IEA PVPS Task 15) – ‘What environmental benefit do building integrated solar cells provide?’ ‘What can we learn from existing facilities?’ and ‘How can you contribute to more and better building-integrated solar cells?’ with the “BIPV national team”: Peter Kovács, Rickard Nygren, Bengt Stridh, Anna Svensson och Michiel van Noord.

16.30-16.50 Mattias Hansson, GruppSol AB
SUBJECT: SMART SOLAR ROOF and building-integrated roofs for housing cooperatives and industrial properties.
In this seminar, we go through how building-integrated roofs now also pay off for larger installations at housing cooperatives and commercial properties.