Information for you as an exhibitor

Welcome to The Swedish Solar Expo 2020 on 28 October 2020 at The Uppsala Concert Hall and Conference Centre (UKK). Please find all information you need as exhibitor below.

Exhibition stand

How to book an exhibition stand

The online reservation service is now available on the web site. Please click to see the floorplan and book your stand.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations made prior to 23 August 2020 will be charged a cancellation fee of 15 per cent of the total booking fee. Cancellations made after 23 August 2020 will be charged the booking fee in full. To cancel your exhibition stand, please contact us at:

Please observe: If the Swedish government issues any social distancing-prohibitions to be in effect on 28 October 2020, there will be no cancellation charges as per the force majeure clause.

Exhibition stand availability

You will have access to your exhibition stand during the dates and times below.

Conference hall D (entry level floor)
27 October 2020
13.30-18.00 PM

28 October 2020

Conference hall B (third floor) and conference hall C (foyer)
27 October 2020

28 October 2020

Your exhibition stand needs to be ready for visitors no later than 28 October 2020 at 09.00-17.00.

Exhibition stand package deals

All exhibition stands are equipped with booth walls and an electrical connection (10A/220V/2000W). The booth walls are 2,5 meters high and 18 millimetres thick white painted particle board. Please find the exhibition stand package deals and add-ons below.


Package deal Hyrplatta
Price: 100 SEK per square metre reserved exhibition stand area, excluding VAT. The total price of this package deal is determined by the exhibition stand size. The package deal Hyrplatta includes a floorboard in graphite, black, blue, or red and can be combined with the package deals Basic and Extra.


Package deal Basic
Price: 800 SEK, excluding VAT. The package deal Basic includes one standing table in white and two spotlights in chrome. It can be booked for exhibition stands on all floors of UKK.


Package deal Extra
Price: 1 200 SEK, excluding VAT. The package deal Extra includes one standing table in white, two bar stools in black, four spotlights in chrome. It can be booked for exhibition stands in conference hall B and conference hall D.

Electricity and additional electrical outlets

All exhibition stands are equipped with an electrical connection (10A/220V/2000W). If necessary, you can book the following additional electrical outlets.

  • Electrical connection 16 A, 1 500 SEK, excluding VAT.
  • Electrical connection 32 A, 1 500 SEK, excluding VAT.

There can be additional fees to connect extra cables – please book any additional electrical connections via our exhibition stand service, Svenska Mässkonsult. Please find their contact information on the bottom of this page.

Exhibition stand equipment

In addition to the package deals on offer you can also book furniture, printed materials, technical products and more via our exhibition stand service, Svenska Mässkonsult. To book exhibition stand equipment, please visit the following website. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact them on phone number 0046 (0) 224-863 00.
User code: solel2020

Please promote your company

Upon booking you will be prompted to upload your company logotype and a short description in Swedish or English. These will be published on shortly thereafter.

Additional tickets for guests

Your exhibition stand includes a set number of entrance tickets (which is displayed when clicking on the actual exhibition stand). If you wish to add tickets for staff members, business partners or guests, you can do so for a reduced fee of 1 200 SEK excluding VAT per person when you make your exhibition stand booking.

For any additional entrance ticket purchases made after your exhibition stand booking, we refer to the booking system on

Payment policy

You will receive an invoice after your completed booking. All charges will there be listed including VAT. Our payment policy states that the exhibitor agrees to pay the invoice within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Any requests of changes to the invoices needs to be made within 8 days from the date of the invoice. In case of overdue payment there will be a fee of 60 SEK and an 8-percentage penalty interest.

You are welcome to choose one of the following invoice-types:

  • Electronical invoice (please state your reference code, GLN- or organisation number and VAN operator)
  • PDF by e-mail (please state your e-mail address)
  • Invoice by mail service (please note there will be an additional invoice fee of 29 SEK, excluding VAT)

Practical information

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is done via the loading platform on Roslagsgatan or via the entrance on Vaksala torg. If needed you can also request a temporary parking permit directly by UKK. Please contact their conference reception area for more information: 0046 (0)18 727 90 72.

Service elevator dimensions

The service elevator is 199 centimetres wide, 550 centimetres deep and 249 centimetres tall.

Internet access

UKK provides a free wireless internet connection open for all, but please be advised that the network capacity does get affected when many are using the internet simultaneously.

Pallet pump and forklift

There are pallet pumps available for use, but no forklifts.

Transportation and storage

If you need help storing, transporting, or loading exhibition stand materials before and after the exhibition, we recommend the transportation company MLT. Please contact Raymond Baker for more information on or by calling 0046 (0) 10 722 28 33 or 0046 (0) 72 402 75 45.