Information for you who are an exhibitor

Here is all the information you as an exhibitor need before your participation at the digital Swedish Solar Expo 2020 on 28 October.

Your exhibition stand

Your exhibition stand

In the demo you can see how you can exhibit your stand. You design/create your virtual stand as you make your booking (see under “book an exhibition stand” what you can do) Changes and additions might be possible to add at a later stage.

Price for a stand

15 000 SEK excluding VAT

To book a stand

You make your booking  via “book a stand” at

Information you need when booking:

  1. First and last name of person making the booking
  2. Mail address and phone number to the person making the booking
  3. Company/organisation name
  4. Desired corporate color
  5. Link to a Youtube-video that you like to display (see demo)
  6. Link to your “open meeting room” e.g. teams/skype/zoom.
    1. IF you don’t have a video conference software link we can assist, via Trippus, for you to buy a link from SEK 5000 excluding vat, which includes subscription and set up. If needed send a mail to
  7. You can download your company logo in max 5 MB and the file format needs to be in PNG, JPG, JPEG or GIF.
  8. You can create three headings with subtitles to expose your company or products.
  9. Your company contact information, email, phone, website and visiting address.

Approval of booking and payment

As soon as you have approved the terms and conditions of booking and payment your company information will show.

Exposure/order of your stand in the digital view

Stands are displayed in alphabetical order.

Payment of stand

You can pay your stand with a bank/credit card at the time of booking or by invoice. There is an additional charge of SEK 39  for an invoice.

You can choose between these payments

  1. Pay with a card at the time of booking
  2. E-invoice (postal address, reference code, GLN/org number, VAN operator)

Payment must be made no later than 30 days from the date of invoice.

In case of overdue payment there will be a fee of 60 SEK and an 8-percentge penalty interest.

Any requests of changes need to be made within 8 days of invoice.

Booking confirmation

When you have filled in your booking and agreed the terms and conditions of booking and payment your company will then show in the digital view (not in the demo)

Access to the real digital view at Svenska Solelmässan 2020 is obtained in your confirmation mail when you have made your booking.

Cancellation policy

There is no possibility to cancel as your company is displayed at the time of booking

Access to your stand

Access to the real digital view at Svenska Solelmässan 2020 is obtained in your confirmation mail when you have made your booking.

Via your link you can develop and complete your stands content and appearance.

As an exhibitor you will receive a link for your staff to access your stand.

You cannot share your link with your guests. You will be able to invite your guests via a separate invitation and then link them up at the Svenska Solelmässan.

Extra tickets to, for example, staff or guests

If you wish more tickets to for example staff, guests or business contacts, they can be bought under the tab ”buy a ticket” at

Chat room

Besides what you create in your stand you will also receive a “chat room” in the stand view, there you can have a written conversation with your visitors. Access to the “chat room” you will receive when you confirm your booking.

Pre-booked meetings

Visitors can pre-book a meeting with the exhibitors

When a visitor has booked a meeting, the exhibitor will receive a mail (always in English) with information about the meeting. You can then accept or decline the meeting. Thereafter, you as an exhibitor, need to send a phone number or a link.

Registration of interest

In your stand there will also be a feature for registration of interest. There your visitors can leave a message for you to contact them after the Svenska Solelmässan is finished.