Schedule in the Great Hall


09.00 The fair opens with breakfast and mingle

Welcome to Hall D for breakfast, mingling and fair!


10:00 Welcome to Uppsala and the Swedish solar fair 2018!
10:15 Research and development

Thin film solar cells, on glass or steel, provides high efficiency on Ångström laboratory (In Swedish)
– Marika Edoff, Professor of Solid State Electronics, ssk solar cells, Uppsala University

Is the Swedish energy system prepared for large-scale solar power? Challenges, solutions and research needs. (In Swedish)
– Joakim Widén, Associate Professor of Engineering Physics, Uppsala University
To be announced shortly


13:00 Political panel debate

Moderator: Johan Lindahl, Speaker of Svensk Solenergi (Swedish Solar Energy).
(More information coming soon)


14.30 Afternoon coffee break and light snack.


15:15 Large scale and other innovative solar projects

Ekstas journey from having the first solar collectors in 1979 to today’s investment in DC networks between real estate. (In Swedish)
– Charlotta Winkler, Technical Director of Solar Energy, WSP and Christer Kilersjö, Eksta Bostads CEO

Sharing = Sustainable – Affärsverken tells how they build the largest privately owned solar park in Sweden. (In Swedish)
– Anna Hammartorp, Innovation Manager – Innovation and Development, Affärsverken

Why do buildings need to be beautiful and produce energy at the same? (In English)
– Peter Roethlisberger, COO Solaxess SA, NE, Switzerland

Peter Kovacs, RISE


17.00 The fair closes


 Parallel schedule


09:00-17:00 Electric Vehicle Exhibition (Hall B)

Come and try small electric vehicles on an exhibition of climate-smart vehicles, with a test track!

10:00-10:20 The Swedish Energy Agency (Hall C)

This is how the Swedish Energy Agency simplifies for Solar Investment – Linus Palmblad (In Swedish)

12:00-12:50 SolarCharge 2020 (Hall C)

Charge your car with solar power – smart and economically! – Per Wickman, Solelia, Anders Hollinder, Uppsala Municipality and Joakim Munkhammar, Uppsala University. (In Swedish)

13:00-13:20 University of Gävle (Hall C)

Standardized simulation of exchange, testing of installations and impact of shading on solar systems – Björn Karlsson (In Swedish)

13:30-14:20 SAJ (Hall C)

(In English)

13:00-13:20 Piteå Science Park (Hall C)

(In Swedish)