Schedule in the Great Hall


09.00 The fair opens with breakfast and mingle

Welcome to Hall D for breakfast, mingling and fair!

For breakfast, a variety of sandwiches are served on bread from local bakery, cold porridge / yogurt, fresh fruit, sweets, juices, coffee and tea.

10:00 Welcome to Uppsala and the Swedish Solar Expo 2018!

Rickard Malmström (MP), Uppsala Municipality

10:15 Research and development

Thin film solar cells, on glass or steel, provides high efficiency on Ångström laboratory (In Swedish)
– Marika Edoff, Professor of Solid State Electronics, ssk solar cells, Uppsala University

Is the Swedish energy system prepared for large-scale solar power? Challenges, solutions and research needs. (In Swedish)
– Joakim Widén, Associate Professor of Engineering Physics, Uppsala University

Power becomes more important – the marketplace comes soon! (In Swedish)

– Viktoria Neimane, Vattenfall

10:15 Opening of the project VäxELs winter test

The General Director of Swedish Energy Agency Robert Andrén comes to Uppsala to start the winter tests of VäxEl, which is the smartest electricity grid project in the world (and Sweden). The project will be presented more in depth in Sal C at 11.30.

11:30 Lunch

For lunch chicken, a salad with roasted roots, basil and olives and tomato vinegar is served.

The vegetarian option is Lebanese lettuce salad with roasted halloumi and fried pita bread.

Bread, butter, still and sparkling water, coffee / tea and chocolate truffles is offered too.

13:00 Political panel debate

A summation of the solar market and regulatory developments that have been taken place during the last term of office and what may happen in the next four years, together with representatives from the parliamentary parties.


Moderator: Johan Lindahl, Speaker of Svensk solenergi

Lorentz Tovatt (MP) Member of Parliament and member of the Enterprise Committee

Gunnar Caperius (C) Team Leader for Environment, Climate, Rural, Agriculture, Energy, Regional Development and Economy

Patrik Engström (S) Member of Parliament and member of the Board of Appeal.

Deniz Butros (V) Member of the City Council of Norrköping and the board Västerpartiet.

Mattias Bäckström Johansson (SD) Member of Parliament and member of the Enterprise Committee

Lotta Olsson (M) Member of Parliament and member of the Enterprise Committee

Moderator: Johan Lindahl, Speaker of Svensk Solenergi (Swedish Solar Energy).
(More information coming soon)

14.30 Afternoon coffee break and light snack.

For afternoon Swedish fika some biscuits, candy, fruit and seeds, dried roasted nuts with dried fruit, fresh juice, coffee  and tea is served.

15:15 Large scale and other innovative solar projects

Ekstas journey from having the first solar collectors in 1979 to today’s investment in DC networks between real estate. (In Swedish)
– Charlotta Winkler, Technical Director of Solar Energy, WSP and Christer Kilersjö, Eksta Bostads CEO

Sharing = Sustainable – Affärsverken tells how they build the largest privately owned solar park in Sweden. (In Swedish)
– Anna Hammartorp, Innovation Manager – Innovation and Development, Affärsverken

Why do buildings need to be beautiful and produce energy at the same? (In English)
– Peter Roethlisberger, COO Solaxess SA, NE, Switzerland

Building with solar cells – How hard can it be? About the project “Electricity generated sun shields” and “Milion-roof” that has taken us about closer to that.

– Peter Kovacs, RISE

17.00 The fair closes


Parallel schedule

09:00-17:00 Electric Vehicle Exhibition (Hall B)

Come and try small electric vehicles on an exhibition of climate-smart vehicles, with a test track!

09:30-09: 50 Paradis energi (Hall C)

Reflections on module quality after visiting the world’s largest solar module factory – Linn Andersson Strannegård (In Swedish)

10:00-10:20 The Swedish Energy Agency (Hall C)

This is how the Swedish Energy Agency simplifies for Solar Investment – Linus Palmblad and Sara Grettve (In Swedish)

10:30-10:50 Glava Energy Center (Hall C)

Supports development of solar energy innovations – Magnus Nilsson (In Swedish)

11:00-11:20 Franzén Energiteknik (Hall C)

Swedens most climate-smart houses are built with solar cells! The project is called Solvillorna! – Hugo Franzén (In Swedish)

11: 30-11: 50 Sustainable Innovation (Hall C)

During lunch, come see the General Director of the Energy Agency and the award-winning project VäxEL. The projects include solar cells, energy storage, electric cars and smart heat pumps combined into a really smart grid. Join us and discuss the rapid change of the power grid and how you are an important part in the conversion. – Robert Andrén, GD Swedish Energy Agency, Joachim Lindborg, Sustainable Innovation and participating companies. (In Swedish)

12:00-12:50 SolarCharge 2020 (Hall C)

Charge your car with solar power – smart and economically! – Per Wickman, Solelia, Anders Hollinder, Uppsala Municipality and Joakim Munkhammar, Uppsala University. (In Swedish)

13:00-13:20 University of Gävle (Hall C)

Standardized simulation of exchange, testing of installations and impact of shading on solar systems – Björn Karlsson University of Gävle & Nicholas Etherden, Vattenfall (In Swedish)

13:00-14: 00 Energy Office in Mälardalen and Uppsala Municipality (Hall K2)

How can your organization become more energy and climate efficient? We can guide you! – Jonathan Rodriguez Polit, Elin Törnwall and Agnes Kristoffersson, Energy Office, and Daniel Boström, Coach for Energy and Climate. (In Swedish)

13:30-14:20 SAJ (Hall C)

SAJ –  a brief introduction and customers sharing experiences – Steven Li, SAJ & Bernth Nyberg, Aktiv Sol i Nöbbele (In English)

14: 00-15:00 Energy and climate advisors in Uppsala County (Hall K3)

Solar cells, transport and support for housing associations – Daniel Boström (In Swedish)

Registration is required, at no later than 23rd of november, unannounced participants can attend if it is spots left. Representatives from housing association boards receive free admission to the fair after the lecture.

14:30-14:50 Göteborg energy (Hall C)

Experiences from Sweden’s two largest solar parks, Solsidan och Säve – Johan Paradis (In Swedish)

15: 00-15:20 Arctic Solar (Hall C)

YIMBY – Research on BiFacial solar panels creates an attractive meeting place – Anna Mård, Piteå Science Park, Berndt Essebro, PiteEnergi and Malou Peterson, RISE ETC (In Swedish)