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Rexel has made an active choice to take the lead in renewable energy, environmentally friendly and smart solutions that will make Sweden more energy efficient.

Rexel is one of the world’s largest distributors of solar products and has many years of experience in the field. We believe in the sun as an energy source, in order to meet Sweden’s goal of converting to renewable energy. A climate-smart investment in solar energy has a relatively short payback time. Rexel offers products with the market’s best warranty and delivery terms from secure suppliers.


Kraftpojkarna are Scandinavia’s leading consultative solar power wholesaler. We work closely together with the market’s largest and most prestigious manufacturers. Through our close cooperation with our suppliers, we can offer the Scandinavian solar energy market very good commercial conditions and high product competence.

At Kraftpojkarna, you are guaranteed access to the market’s best and most complete assortment of high-quality products ranging from solar panels, inverters and assembly hardware to software tools, services, storage and services.


As a distributor, we supply systems and components for solar power to installation companies in the Nordic. We represent a number of manufacturers and brands that stand for long-sightedness, quality and innovation. With quality-assured products, broad knowledge and good tools, we deliver the preconditions for a safe and secure solution with solar power, which delivers what was promised for a long time.

SVEA Renewable Solar

SVEA Solar sells and installs turnkey solar power packs for private and corporate customers. By taking care of the entire chain, from system design and building permits applications for roof mounting and connection to the grid, we make it easy for the customer to purchase solar cells.

PPAM Solkraft

PPAM Solkraft are delivering solar power systems to all types of customers -Villas, housing cooperatives, agricultures, public actors, industries etc. We deliver everything from single sun cells to turnkey systems.

PPAM Solkraft are one of the leading actors in the solar power field in Sweden. High competence and experience, our own product development, fast delivery and good looking and high efficient systems makes us unique. In the most recent years we have delivered and installed 800 solar power plants across Sweden, from Haparanda in the north to Ystad in the south. We also have delivered and installed in other countries than Sweden.


EnergiEngagemang have since 2012 installed solar energy solutions specialized on agricultural and estates. In these years they have gotten valuable knowledge in this type of large projects. Every location and building is unique and it is important to adapt the plant to the estate’s specific conditions.

We are independent from the vendor, meaning that we always work to find the best products on the market. In our line of business, this has shown to be a winning concept.


Ferroamp have developed a solar electricity and energy storage steering for Swedish customers. EnergyHub integrate production of solar electricity and the energy storage steering with a self-regulating direct current network. The system becomes scalable, flexible, easier to install and to adapt under the investments currency.

EnergyHub contains a smart electricity meter that measures the estates electricity consumption to maximate the own consumption of solar electricity by better steering of the energy storage so that expensive power peaks can be reduced.

EnergyHub improves your investment in solar electricity with multiple new functions that makes that the system is useful over the whole year, not only when the sun is shining.


Solkompaniet focus on solar cells. We work in the whole chain, from research and charting of property stock in our consult firm to install and provide service of solar cell systems. Our customers are Sweden’s major property owners and we are committed to ensure that solar electricity is part of the transition to a completely renewable energy system.

Solkompaniet is also the initiator of Solelkommissionen, a network for creating better conditions for customer-owned electricity production.

Read more and subscribe to our newsletter: www.solkompaniet.sewww.solelkommissionen.se


Sweden’s new PV provider – with experience since 1982.

Our Premium Partners will receive worldclass education and products. Excellent product quality combined into complete systems, designed and ordered in our own software, PV Manager. As a premium partner at IBC SOLAR, you get time for the most important – your customers. Try us by emailing info@ibcsolar.se.

Special offer – We will plan your first three projects without charge! Read more about us at www.ibcsolar.se

EWS GmbH & Co. KG

As one of Europe’s largest solar cell wholesalers EWS collaborates with more than 600 installers in Germany and Scandinavia.

As an expert wholesaler, we can offer the best price on the market on products from world leading manufacturers and we support the installers with our more than 30-years of solar cell experience with everything from advising and projections for warranty cases and service of solar cell systems.

Do you, as a final customer, want a solar cell plant to the best price on the market, mounted with exclusively world-leading components? You are welcome to contact us and we will connect you with one of our local installers.

SolTech Energy

SolTech Energy develops and sells building-integrated solar products for all types of real estate – commercial, public and private. We offer aesthetic solar cells for the production of electricity that is building integrated and thus part of a property’s external shell in the form of a roof or a facade. SolTech Energy is traded on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm and has over 15,000 shareholders. The Group also includes the 51 percent jointly-owned companies Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (ASAB) in Sweden and Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy (ASRE) in China. The company’s Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank.

JÖTA Group

We at JÖTA Group help you maximize your own production of solar electricity. We deliver and install complete packages with all the equipment that are needed for your plant to be ready to start producing electricity. Everything from advising and projecting, solar cells and safety equipment down to the smallest screw included.

Glava Energy Center

Glava Energy Center is a successful international test centre for renewable energy solutions of tomorrow!

GEC is a development centre at a regional, national and international level where companies and organizations that operates in the field of renewable energy or energy efficiency cooperate to create new opportunities for innovation and development in the field of renewable energy. The aim is to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and a more efficient use of transboundary energy.

GEC is a meeting place for small groups, and major conferences in their own premises only 30 kilometers southeast of Arvika!

Nordic Solar Sweden

Nordic Solar Sweden AB has its roots in Värmland, Sweden, and we have installed photovoltaics on the Swedish market since 2009. The head office is located in Töcksfors and we have a branch in Karlstad. We stock solar panels, inverters and installation materials for immediate delivery. We are active in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Fronius International GmbH


Whether welding technology, photovoltaics or battery charging technology − our goal is clearly defined: to be the innovation leader. With around 3,800 employees worldwide, we shift the limits of what’s possible – our record of over 1,200 granted patents is testimony to this. While others progress step by step, we innovate in leaps and bounds. Just as we’ve always done. The responsible use of our resources forms the basis of our corporate policy. Further information about all Fronius products and our global sales partners and representatives can be found at www.fronius.com

SAJ Electric Europe BVBA

Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd (simply SAJ) is a state-level high-tech enterprise specially focusing on motor drive & control technology, renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage solutions. With a strong R&D and service team and through more than a decade of development in manufacturing and sales of inverters and AC drives and eSolar ecological system as a perfect service system, SAJ has gained lots of achievements in both products development and market development. SAJ products have gained domestic & international honors such as TÜV Rheinland Award. With the strategy of local service network, SAJ has more than 20 branch offices and over 80 service centers in China, and its overseas service center has expanded to Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Australia, India, Brazil and other countries.

Krannich Solar

Krannich Solar has been a reliable partner to photovoltaic installers since 1995, offering everything the industry needs for a bright future: sound advice, effective logistics and one of the world’s leading product and system ranges for solar power generation. With a growing share of the market, the owner-managed and self-financed company is a leading photovoltaic retailer. The corporate group is represented by 28 companies in 19 countries employing more than 330 staff.


Solaxess markets nanotechnology-based films enabling all PV module manufacturers to provide architects, developers and ultimately owners with white or light-colored active full-building elements that are cost effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Naps Solar

Naps Solar has been a forerunner in the global solar photovoltaic market since 1981, when Finnish oil company Neste founded its photovoltaic unit Neste Advanced Power Systems (NAPS) around its research and development business. Our solar modules are manufactured with modern equipment in a modern factory in Tänassilma Industrial Park in Estonia. We supply our products worldwide and our products are found in more than 140 countries from all continents. The core of the system is a high quality solar module. Naps’ selection contains high quality, high efficiency and visually pleasing Naps Saana modules

Q CELLS Engineered in Germany

Hanwha Q CELLS‘ reputation for delivering the highest quality solar cells, modules, mounting structure systems and storage solutions stems from its unique history. As one of the PV pioneers of Europe and the world, Hanwha Q CELLS can point to more than a decade of innovation and technological market leadership. Today, the German-born, Korean-owned solar company continues to shape the industry thanks not only to its broad and high quality product portfolio, but also its passion for building strong relationships throughout the entire solar value chain. Find out more at www.q-cells.uk



Making the 100% renewable energy system possible by applying intelligence to data and control to sources and loads. Promoting resource efficiency through information, measurements and visualization.


EnergyInBalance.com – A platform for improved building energy efficiency. Energy modelling based on different sources of information: manual user input, energy declarations, meter data from distribution system operator (DSO), gateway with connected sensors. Green Electricity Certificates and Guarantees of Origin – issuance, trade, quota fulfillment. Visualization of energy related data: electricity consumption and production, district heat consumption, heat pump usage, weather. Alarms through energy data analytics. Automatic control of loads for energy system optimization at various levels. Individual metering and billing of electricity and water. Individual metering and billing systems for electric vehicle chargers.


SUNROOF offers system solutions for building integrated solar photo voltaics (BIPV) on roofs and facades. The target group ranges from private homes to large commercial buildings and industries. SUNROOF can utilize the entire roof area to produce electricity while the solar modules also serve as weather and wind protection.

SUNROOF is driven by the desire to facilitate and catalyze the deployment of distributed solar energy. This is achieved by developing and providing low-carbon footprint products for the both large construction companies and smaller entrepreneurs.

SUNROOF consists of people with diverse background, from traditional construction industry and from different segments of the energy sector: systems, technology, modeling, metering and IT. Thanks to a broad international network of experts and leading suppliers we can be successful in research and development which we work with continuously.


Smart mounting solutions!

For more than 25 years, TRITEC has specialized in the generation of renewable energy from photovoltaic systems. The Swiss company operates worldwide as a system distributor and system integrator for large photovoltaic plants. TRITEC realizes more than 5,000 solar projects each year with about 1,500 qualified installation partners.


At Solelgrossisten we only sell to professionals – to retailers and installers. We make sure that you sell and deliver the right sollution to your customer and we stand by your side all the way – from dimensioning to deployment. We answer your questions, give advice, help with calculations and we have the best web shop in the industry.  Our mission is to make your life easier, your business more profitable and your customers happier.


Monier is a part of the BMI Group, a world leading manufacturer of roofing systems.

Moniers building integrated solar panels are tested with the same rigor as our tiles which enables to offer market leading warranties. The result is a beautiful energy producing roof that will keep your house dry and safe for a long time.

Solar Supply

We have extensive experience from the solar energy industry and a wide global network of contacts with installers. Solar Supply offers individual components as well as overall solutions to companies and even to private individuals through retailers. In addition, we have a very cost-effective product range as well as a large number of partners that can be evolved in projects if needed. Please contact us for tenders and advice.


ABB has been a leading player in the solar power industry since the beginning of 1990 when we developed an automation platform for the world’s first test centre for concentrated solar energy, Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA). Since then, we have been involved in the development of solar energy technology. This has given us a unique competence in how we best control and store solar energy as well as effectively convert it into reliable electricity – ready for transmission on the grid. ABB’s portfolio of products, systems and solutions for the solar power industry is extensive. It varies from turnkey solar power plants to complete solutions for power and automation technology for commercial, industrial and residential applications. ABB now complements portfolio of solar cell products with ABB’s highly efficient 3-phase inverters, with power from 5.8 up to 175kW on the AC side. The inverters are perfect for solar systems – from villas to commercial real estate and solar parks.

Nyedal Solenergi

A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE TOGETHER – Nyedal Solenergi has been active in the solar energy industry  since 2007. Out goal is to lead the development of new products and services on the Swedish and Norwegian markets. With great knowledge, wide product range and positive attitude, Nyedal Solenergi has installed small and large solar energy plants throughout Sweden.

Welands Stål

Weland Stål is a Swedish manufacturer of mounting systems for solar panels and roof safety. We have a wide range of flexible solutions.


Solarclarity works with one of the most important changes on the energy market; The sun, our biggest source of energy!
As an international technical wholesaler, we specialize in high quality products in solar energy.

Solarclarity is one of the founders of the Dutch solar market, which has grown to become a leader internationally. From our distribution centre near Amsterdam (Netherlands) we deliver a selection of solar panels, inverters, batteries, energy management systems, monitoring systems and other accessories to professional installers across Europe. In our academy we offer training about our products and brands as well as complete training programs for solar specialists.

Solarclarity has been a fast growing steady company for years. In 2013, the company was awarded gold as the gazelle company of the year (FD Gazelle) and one year later, 2014 the company was nominated as National Champion in the European Business Awards. In the year of 2016, 2017 and 2018, the company was also awarded TOP BRAND PV AWARD from EuPD Research.

Floor 6


Spotscale provides technology that uses advanced computer vision techniques to reconstruct buildings and urban environments in 3D from drone imagery. Decoding reality for the next generation of VR devices, CAD programs and 3D printers. At Solelmässan Spotscale introduces SpotPanels, a web based tool for visualising and estimating solar panels in 3D.

Orust Engineering

Through the unique ZAPPI charging box, Orust Engineering today offers a product that allows only to charge its electric car on locally produced electricity, for example from solar cells,  batteries or small scale wind power.

We combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge from both solar systems and electric vehicles to provide cost-effective charging solutions with smart features with high quality and the same cost as in Europe.

As a distributor, we target retailers, electricians and end consumers.


Perific works with simple and smart solutions for energy measurement and optimization. Our latest product Enegic Solar is a tailor-made solution for anyone planning to produce their own solar energy or already has installed solar panels. Enegic Solar is a supplier-independent concept that works in all solar systems. The focus is on analyzing and visualizing energy and power flows throughout the power plant, ie production and consumption. In addition to the apparent presentation of purchased and sold electricity, Enegic Solar offers real-time measurement per phase, a powerful toolbox for visualization of phase and load balances to optimize main fuse and also in search for errors while installing solar systems. Enegic Solar initially provides two small measuring instruments that are easy to install and that wirelessly communicate with a measurement server that analyzes and presents data through a user-friendly app.



Helukabel was founded in 1978 and is today one of the world’s leading and most innovative wire and cable manufacturers for all industrial industries. The head office is located in Germany with associated production and distribution facilities, and subsidiaries are found in more than twenty countries distributed across all continents. Operations in Sweden started in 1990.


Cables and wires from 0.05 to 1000 mm2
Annual production capacity: 1 million km
Production area: 40,000 m2
Standard range: 33,000 products
Central warehouse in Hemmingen: 160,000 m2
Warehouse in Berlin: 5,000 m2 indoors, 50,000 m2 outdoors

University of Gävle

Standardized energy calculation and performance testing of solar cell systems.

Demonstration of simulation programs for standardized energy simulations of solar cell systems. When tenders are submitted to install a system today, solar power companies use different simulation programs and different climate files. This means that they promise different major exchanges for identical systems. It fools the inexperienced buyer. The University of Gävle has developed a completely transparent (ie all equations are given) simulation programs with standard climate file for the middle of Sweden, which we recommend is to be used when preparing an offer. The use of such a program and climate files facilitates the customer’s choice of the best offer. Five climate files are needed to cover the whole of Sweden. The program is distributed free of charge.

There is no standard method for installation testing of solar cell systems. This means that the buyer does not know if the installed system achieves promised nominal power or not. The University of Gävle has developed a simple method of installation testing and it has been tested on a number of installed systems already. This method is presented in our booth at the fair.

Exhibition of smaller electric vehicles - Room B

LHS Maskiner

LHS Maskiner is a complete supplier of greenary and property managment.

We have several models of electric vehicles with open cargo areas and cabinets, lawn mowers, electric handheld machines, tool carriers, tractors and more.

During the fair we will exhibit electric vehicles and electric hand heldmachines.

You find us on Östra Bangatan 2 in Arlandastad with retail and service and parts. Welcome!


Elcykelpunkten (Electric bicycle point)  is one of Sweden’s largest retailers of quality electric bicycles from many well-known brands. They have their headquarters in Stockholm and have service partners throughout Sweden. To invest in electric bicycles as benefit for their employees, many companies have invested. Many also choose to have an electric bicycle for use in the service when they realize the major environmental performance and cost reduction compared to the car in the big cities. The Elcykelpunkten van also tailor the entire bike to only your company with color and frame print. Lowest price guarantee and outside service!


Come to us and try the latest in small and smart electric vehicles for city traffic.

Cityzapnow AB leases smart electric vehicles to your business for a sustainable, flexible and easy travel.

Choose between joining one of our electric vehicle pools or leasing a vehicle to your company.


We at Scrozer are passionate about electric scooters! Scrozer.se is an e-commerce website with Sweden’s widest range of electric scooters, for example we promote the brand Fatrider. We have a support service via phone and mail, and also lend you test samples for trial runs. Our main supplier and warehouse is located in Europe, which enables express delivery within Sweden. We want more people to realize the benefits of owning an electric vehicle – for wallet as well as the environment.

Cykling utan ålder (Biking without age)

Cykling utan ålder is a volunteer-based activity with the purpose of bringing out elderly people living in a residential area or at home on bike rides, to give them new impressions, see the variations of the seasons, the change of hometowns, the greenery of parks, hear the birds’ receipts and perhaps return their childhood block.

The operations started in Copenhagen in 2013, and has thereafter spread all over the world and came to Sweden in 2015. Today they have three-wheeled electric bicycles with space for two passengers in several places around the country, from Malmö in the south to Vännäs in the north.

The purpose of Cykla utan ålder is to spread the activity across the country to enable as many elderly people as possible to get out on biking trips. Several studies have shown that a cycling trip is of great benefit to the elderly, they become more alert and happier, often talk about biking and usually want to do it again. In some cases the outcome have been reduced medication.

The association also attempts to establish activities for people with disabilities and in health or rehabilitation care.