This year we will develop the Swedish Solar Expo with an exhibiton of solar solutions applied to houses and other real estate.

At the exhibiton you have the opputunity to show och market your solar solutions and what they look like. The purpose of the exhibiton is to inspire and show oppertunities for how the solar cells can be placed and integrated into the building’s architecture. On an area of 80 x 100 cm you will be able to present and highlight your solar solutions. The price is 800 SEK (excl. VAT).

You are responsible to print the poster to get the quality you want. Posters can then be sent to us and we are responsible for mounting the posters. If you are at the fair, you can also mount your posters on site. Nameplates with contact details and logo are placed underneath each poster.

Do you want to book an area at the exhibiton? Send an email to linnea.hahne@energikontor.se.